Lean-tos, Bowers, and Totems

While in Tofino back in October, I had a great time taking photos of the girls on the beach in the various lean-tos we found made of driftwood.  My inspiration for taking these photos stemmed from one of my all time favourite books.  It’s called “BUILDERS of the Pacific Coast” by Lloyd Kahn (2008) (I’m having an APA nightmare from my university days – sorry I hope I’ve referenced enough!).  Lloyd Kahn basically spent 2 years photographing “counterculture” carpenters along the Pacific Coast whose homes and structures are made from the logs and rocks in their natural surroundings – lots on Vancouver Island to my surprise – I LOVE this book and simply cannot put it down at times.  Here’s a sample of my photos…


Beach combers under the lean-to


This bower actually appeared in his book - it's a fish


Glass blowers' studio and gallery


Hand blown glass in the drift wood


A driftwood Muskoka chair


Nature girls


West Coast Totem Pole

I am so looking forward to my next trip to Tofino and getting my hands on a copy of Lloyd Kahn’s second book entitled “Home Work”.


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