The Perfect Cup of Tea


I have been something of a coffee drinker for a very long time.  Over the years and along with my move to the West Coast (where coffee seems to be stronger) I’ve become very particular about my coffee.  It’s got to be STRONG.  oh and shade grown, fair trade and organic to boot!!  All of that aside, lately I’ve been finding anything more than one cup of coffee a day has been too much for me to handle!!  I think the stress and business of work and family life has reved me up more than usual.  Yep I am down to one cup of coffee a day.

And then I met Market Spice Tea…and I am completely hooked.   My sister-in-law Jules made me a cup at Christmas and I know we’ve crossed paths in the past…my love of cinnamon would explain the attraction!  So I now frequent local tea shops in search of the perfect loose leaf blend.  And I’ve learned a little bit in the process.  Well first, the tea shop up the street carries a wonderful Rooibos Market Spice blend.  I know there are many health benefits from Rooibos including anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.  It’s reddish in colour but I do find that it is so fine it comes through my tea ball.

Rooibos blend

I’ve also learned that Market Spice tea originated  from a spice shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1911…the shop still stands and ofcourse I’ve learned this tid bit only weeks after having been in Seattle!! Oh well.  So the original Market Spice tea consists of  black tea with spices (I’ve been told cloves) and cinnamon-orange flavourings.    I think I prefer the black tea blend and it seems to be more affordable compared to the rooibos blend.  Black tea is a powerful anti-oxidant and detoxifier so it has significant anti-cancer benefits. 

Black tea blend

And I am so happy to have found tea filters so that I don’t have to fuss with tea balls and strainers and tea pots.  Two teaspoons of the tea blend steeped for 8-10 minutes seems to make a delightful cup.  I tend to leave the teabag in as I drink my tea so the cinnamon flavour gets stronger and stronger.  Yum!!

 I took this picture of a lone poppy from my garden this morning while the sun was actually peaking through the clouds.   It has just finished hailing out…it is the beginning of May…I cannot believe the weather we’ve been having this spring!!  I think I’ll go finish my cup of tea and read a good book…


How Does Your Garden Grow??

Finally, a nice warm spring day on Saturday.  It’s incredible now that the weather has picked up that the grass is growing so fast we could mow every weekend.  Yesterday the girls and I spent some time in the garden planting seeds that should have gone in a few weeks ago….Easter egg radishes and spinach…they are early crops so hopefully we’ll be enjoying our harvest in early June so I can plant other things in their place.  It also seems like we need to expand our garden to keep up with everything I”d like to plant.  This is how things look so far…


My garlic is growing quite impressively.  My mom and I were talking today about how easily garlic grows….nothing bothers garlic and you’re guarenteed a good crop!!   And Chloe and Caitlin had a great time helping me plant seeds and pull out tiny weeds from the garden.  We were also quite happy to see the little flowers on the strawberry plants…a sure sign that summer is around the corner…

I’ve been experimenting with inserting photos into my blog…I don’t seem to really have any luck in this department.  I’ll have to do some more figuring.