How Does Your Garden Grow??

Finally, a nice warm spring day on Saturday.  It’s incredible now that the weather has picked up that the grass is growing so fast we could mow every weekend.  Yesterday the girls and I spent some time in the garden planting seeds that should have gone in a few weeks ago….Easter egg radishes and spinach…they are early crops so hopefully we’ll be enjoying our harvest in early June so I can plant other things in their place.  It also seems like we need to expand our garden to keep up with everything I”d like to plant.  This is how things look so far…


My garlic is growing quite impressively.  My mom and I were talking today about how easily garlic grows….nothing bothers garlic and you’re guarenteed a good crop!!   And Chloe and Caitlin had a great time helping me plant seeds and pull out tiny weeds from the garden.  We were also quite happy to see the little flowers on the strawberry plants…a sure sign that summer is around the corner…

I’ve been experimenting with inserting photos into my blog…I don’t seem to really have any luck in this department.  I’ll have to do some more figuring.


Planting: Part 2

The most memorable thing about this Remembrance Day, aside from the many soldiers who lost their lives for our country, was the constant change in the weather.  It was sunny, it was rainy, it was cloudy – over and over all day.  I guess that’s living on the West Coast.  I was particularly tuned into the weather because we had many things planned for the outdoors on this day:  finding clay concretions, going to Farm Hands and planting our garlic before the first frost!   The farming and planting happened – clay concretions will have to wait for another day – little C had to pee and it was raining 😦


PORCELAIN - Russian Hardneck variety - our garlic bulbs

I truly have a bee in my bonnet when it comes to buying garlic in the grocery store.   It seems harder and harder to find garlic grown from anywhere in Canada let alone local.   Where is it coming from ?  China ofcourse.  I managed to find some local garlic from a farm in late August  and I’m afraid I only have a few months supply left.  So I am growing my own garlic.  I think it’s in my blood to do this.  I have vivid memories of my grandfather growing garlic and holding it up to show us like a prized fish!  Too funny.


Big C planting bulbs in compost/soil mixture

I had time in the afternoon to prime the garden area while the kids were at the farm.  Ah quiet time without the kids – need I say more?  By the time we got home it was already dusk at 4:20 pm which I think is crazy.  Who really benefits from that time change anyway?  Chloe was pretty keen to get those garlic bulbs in the ground!  We saved one to put in a pot for indoor growth.  Yet another “thing” whose growth we’ll be monitoring over the next few weeks


Chloe planting garlic

I made a couple of finds earlier in the day in the garden…


The last purple cabbage to be harvested

Now I’ll have to make purple cabbage soup or who knows maybe even purple cabbage rolls.


A cute family of mushrooms

This is the best time of year to find mushrooms on the coast.  For the life of me, I cannot identify the above although I’ve only looked in our Guide to Western Mushrooms.  They’re probably the most common type of mushroom out here that they didn’t even bother to include it in our book!  I think it’s the Lactarius deliciosus.  The kids are always on the look out for the fairy ring mushroom.  Wish us luck

Planting: Part I

Today, Little C and I purchased an Amaryllis bulb from the grocery store.  I thought it would be neat to grow one and see if it blooms by Christmas time.  Little C was pretty keen to participate in its preparation but it was certainly an exercise in patience…


Amaryllis kit contains bulb, coir disk and planter


Setting up the coir disk

The first step was to add 4 cups of warm water into the planter and then insert the coir disk.  This essentially soaks up all of the water and voila you have soil.  The only problem was it took 1/2 hour for it to do so.   Little C did pretty good waiting and I think it’s good for this “instant generation” to learn the concept of delayed gratification!


Little C trying to make the disc soak up water faster!


Baseline for our bulb

Once the disc soaked up the water, we planted the bulb in the ever so boring container.  I think we’ll have to decorate it with a Christmas theme.  I imagine the girls and I will enjoy monitoring its progress over the weeks.

Last but certainly not least, Little C wanted to draw a picture similar to one she did in kindergarten for Remembrance Day.  Apparetntly the red bird with grey wings is a peace dove and there are hearts and poppies. 


Remembrance Day picture

Looks like there may be sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully the girls and I will go outside for some outdoor planting.  Stay tuned!