It’s Been Way Too Long…


I cannot believe a year and a half has past since I last put an entry on here.  But I’m thinking it was  a much needed break as I was running out of interesting things to post.  I am very excited about starting up on here again…it’s been crazy busy but life is good.  I may even rename this blog to better reflect how things have evolved on our end here.  I look forward to writing and sharing photos and links 🙂


April is Cancer Awareness Month…

April is Cancer Awareness Month…and I cannot believe how quickly April has flown by.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to the BC Cancer Agency for the excellent and efficient service they have provided for my husband over the last almost 2 years.  I don’t think one can over express their gratitude but maybe I do??  I also wanted to acknowledge  that we as Canadians are very fortunate for our universal health care because god only knows how much treatment would have cost in the states (actually around 8o thousand).  So thank you thank you.

My thoughts are also with those individuals who are currently dealing with cancer.  It seems like  these days more people are faced with this interesting and life altering challenge than ever before.  I send my positive energies to you all!

Enjoy the beauty and simple pleasures that life has to offer!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wow it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted an entry…I’m having some difficulty uploading photos for some reason. And I don’t like to post an entry without photos!! I’m going to try again tomorrow and possibly call for assistance? Anyway we had the most amazing sunny spring day on VI!! What a treat!! The girls and I have a new ritual of getting up early Sunday morning and attending art class at the local rec centre…the teacher Robyn is fantastic and the kids really enjoy it. I get to sit for 1 hour and 15 and drink coffee and read!! I’m reading a book by the Dalai Lama on happiness and learned some new things about myself and life in general today. We couldn’t resist the beach afterward…we spent our time walking along the shore looking for the perfect rock to throw and skip…the girls were really keen to learn how to throw rocks which we thoroughly enjoyed (until I hurt my shoulder ofcourse!!). I was eager to get home and see how brian wanted to enjoy the day with us but he didn’t…he needed his rest. I took advantage of the girls enjoying each other’s company and brian lying on the couch to indulge in a 16 km run…oh it was a pleasant yet painful run…just a tad bit too hilly for this gal!! I’m as persistent as ever and still plan on running that damn half marathon coming up in something like 6 weeks!!
Once I get things running smoothly here in blog world, I’d like to share my thoughts and photos on Little C’s birthday, some handmade dresses and bags that we’ve acquired and the talented artists who created them and ofcourse a sneek peak into the girls art class and a word about their great teacher…Namaste…

Buddha’s Hand

Well I think we are finally back into our normal routine post-Christmas.  Unfortunately we all seem to have the stomach flu at the moment so things have been interesting around here.  The girls have been enjoying quiet down time navel gazing so to speak…

just navel gazing

Mexican bobble heads

The other day, big C and I went to a nice grocery store in town here and we found the most interesting piece of exotic fruit – it’s call “Buddha’s hand”.  What attracted me to this piece of fruit was it’s unusual finger-like extensions and its  citrus-like scent.  It reminded me of the smell of the beautiful orange groves in Florida that I had the priviledge of experiencing as a child.  I always remember my mom commenting on how much she loved that smell.  Here’s what the Buddha’s hand looks like…

Buddha's hand

a view from underneath

Big C was very keen to get on the computer and read all about the Buddha’s hand.  We were very curious if there was enough flesh to eat really.  So Big C learned that it is a fragrant citron whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections; it is juiceless and is very fragrant; it is predominantly used by Chinese and Japanese for perfuming rooms and clothing;  Big C obtained this information from Wikipedia ofcourse!  We look forward to going back to Thrifty’s to find some more exotic fruit!

Big C’s Felting and General Musings…

This has certainly been a busy week in preparing for the holidays and all the other things like birthday parties and company dinners.  And thank you Robyn for such a nice party this afternoon!  Anyway Big C has been up to some intereting things including a fun piano lesson, lots of felting and writing a letter to Santa sort of.  Here’s a look…

Dear Santa...

 Big C has also become something of a good felter.  Anytime I pull out my basket of felting supplies, she is by my side thinking of new things to create.  Big C’s latest clever creation is a jellyfish, I’m sure inspired by our recent visit to the aquarium.


 I love this mermaid lady creature thing Big C  made.  She looks as though she could sing opera or something.

Mermaid creature

Big C has certainly been enjoying her piano lessons.   During the last class of this year, she played so beautifully – I was so proud of her!

Big C and Madame J

And I saved the best for last.   Ofcourse it’s the Amaryllis – it bloomed for Christmas and there are four more waiting to burst into flowers!!

So beautiful

Happy Winter Solstice!!

On the First Day of Advent…

We are very excited about the fact that today is December the 1st!!   The lights are out and strung around the house and there are boxes everywhere.  It’s crazy. We’re madly trying to get the house all decked out.  Actually no.  We tend to take our time getting the house decorated by savouring each and everything that goes up.  Today our focus was getting our fancy Advent Calender organized by placing special treats in each drawer…take a look…

OUr reusable Advent Calender

Each drawer is a piece to the puzzle

This calender is great because we put our own treats in year after year.  The kids open the respective drawer, take out thier treat and flip the drawer around so the piece of the puzzle is exposed.   Big C is evens and Little C is odds.  It’s a fun tradion.

Big C at the Festival of Trees

 This weekend, we had the opportunity to hear Big C and her fellow choir mates sing Christmas carols at  the Festival of Trees at VIU.  What a nice way to start the Christmas season – they sang beautifully!!  We were so proud of her.

Amaryllus Update….

Amaryllus plant at 2 weeks

 I think this plant is growing quite rapidly.  At 2 weeks, it appears to be where the plant should be at at 4 -6 weeks.  Little C has been tending to it very well.

Big Comfie Couch and Etchings

Was it ever a relief to have this new couch in my kids’ playroom this weekend.  Little C started to feel unwell with a sore tummy and burning fever on Sunday.  It was so important that she stayed away from big B the entire time she was sick – he cannot get a fever!  Once I realized she was unwell, I immediately put her in the play room and let her rest on the couch.  It also made me realize I was alone in the care of my sick child due to the potential risk to big B which was both stressful and tiring to me.  Anyway here is a cute shot of the girls on the big comfie couch (for those of you back East who have been wanting to see)  It’s very child proof for it’s dark colour and easy to clean material.  And it was MADE IN CANADA – I purchased it at the Bay…

Made in Canda couch!

I”m loving this space with the girls because the lighting is nice for reading or just sitting and talking in the evening.  And the last few days have been very dark and dreary.  The colourful lights around the adjacent window also perk it up a bit.

I’m also scheming to frame some cute cards that I have set aside over the years that I know the kids will love to look at.  Recently I purchased an etching from an artist in Port Alberni.  She gave me permission to write about her in my blog – her name is Janice Sheehan and I happened to chance upon her adorable gallery at the waterfront.  Sometimes my work takes me to this community and I’m discovering there are a number of talented artists including Janice and many potters etc.  I had to buy this etching at once because it reminded me of my daughters…

"Rock Beach" by Janice Sheehan

The girls  are infamous for their rockcollecting!  My house is living proof.  Anyway Janice’s website is – she nicely explains the process that is involved in making her beautiful etchings and the inspiration behind many of them – the West Coast of the island ofcourse (she will also mail you her etchings if you cannot make it to Port to buy them in person!)

I also just love these little cards with Fairies and Toadstools on them…

fairies and toadstools

Just some hodge podge from the playroom…

Little C managed to find the energy today to start decorating the house for Christmas.  She found these German wooden Santas in the closet…