Happy Easter!!

I would have to say that we are having a nice, relaxing Easter weekend.  The weather was great Friday and Saturday which meant the girls played outside all day and Brian and I worked together in the yard.  Today, Easter Sunday,  has been a rainy,  inside  kind of day.  Though I guess Easter  really isn’t  the same without our extended family…growing up in a Catholic household meant going to mass frequently over the Easter weekend and sharing many meals with family.  I miss that indeed.  High price to pay for living away from family, across the country at that.

Even though Brian and I are raising the kids in a  quasi-Christian/Buddhist fashion, I still like to have some Easter traditions for the kids to enjoy. I started the morning off right by baking some really delicious vegan donuts with maple icing…I won’t write the recipe out here but I found it on a blog called Vegan Yum Yum…the blog’s owner, Lauren Ulm, has written a lovely looking cookbook so I”m sure I’ll be referring to her blog again!  For the egg replacer, I used chia (1 teaspoon chia to 3 tablespoons water) ~ I am loving this substitute because everything comes out so moist and light!!

The kids begged me to do an Easter egg hunt which we did in the backyard…luckily before the rain started!!  This is something I have no recollection of doing as a child.  And then ofcourse we dyed our Easter eggs. I am a bit disappointed with this operation as my intention was to dye the eggs naturally with beet juice and blueberries and while out looking for tumeric for a yellow effect…I found the tye die PAAS egg decorating kit.  The girls were all over it and really it seemed easier for me!! 

Well that’s about it for now.  I’m hoping to pack the family in the car and go to the beach to collect some larger beach rocks for my garden…an inexpensive and beautiful natural border!!  Happy Easter!!


Big C’s Felting and General Musings…

This has certainly been a busy week in preparing for the holidays and all the other things like birthday parties and company dinners.  And thank you Robyn for such a nice party this afternoon!  Anyway Big C has been up to some intereting things including a fun piano lesson, lots of felting and writing a letter to Santa sort of.  Here’s a look…

Dear Santa...

 Big C has also become something of a good felter.  Anytime I pull out my basket of felting supplies, she is by my side thinking of new things to create.  Big C’s latest clever creation is a jellyfish, I’m sure inspired by our recent visit to the aquarium.


 I love this mermaid lady creature thing Big C  made.  She looks as though she could sing opera or something.

Mermaid creature

Big C has certainly been enjoying her piano lessons.   During the last class of this year, she played so beautifully – I was so proud of her!

Big C and Madame J

And I saved the best for last.   Ofcourse it’s the Amaryllis – it bloomed for Christmas and there are four more waiting to burst into flowers!!

So beautiful

Happy Winter Solstice!!

Waldorf Christmas Craft Faire

Today we drove down to the Duncan area (not flooded at all where we went compared to Cowichan Bay) to the Sunrise Waldorf Christmas Faire.  Wow what a great yearly venue!  The whole Waldorf school was open to visitors free of charge to partake in sampling baked goods and delicious vegetarian food items; to listen to all sorts of musicians playing violins and various drums;  and best of all was the large gymnasium full of local professional artists displaying their amazing goods…

Hand-crafted gnomes looking rather cheeky

Big C was drawn to the tie dye right away

Mama and her baby

 I managed to stock up on some wool in beautiful colours…

Beautiful colourful wool

Enchanted garden gnomes and colourful silk scarves

They had many activities and crafts for the kids to participate in for a few dollars.  The girls experienced an enchanted garden where a Waldorf verse was read aloud about harvesting food and then the kids could choose a gnome and crystal to take home.  It was beautifully set up in a dark room with strings of lights and canopies strung everywhere and tables with little gnomes harvesting food.  Very enchanting indeed.  The girls also fell in love with these dyed scarves which they can creatively drape around furniture or even on their wee bodies – they cannot have them til Christmas though!

A nice window

All and all we had an enjoyable day out.  Ofcourse it rained all the way home!

Felted Projects

FELTING has to be one of our favourite crafting hobbies at the moment.   My interest in felting began about 8 years ago when I found a great starter kit from Salt Spring Island.  In fact, Big C was a tiny baby when I completed it and she has it stashed away in her bedroom somewhere.  I also have a fascination with anything Waldorf.  I love the philosophy behind this educational approach and it’s close ties with child psychology and child development (stemming back to my undergrad years in psychology which I so fondly remember 🙂 ).   We also share our passion for felting with many of our close friends (both homeschoolers and nonhomeschoolers) and in fact we meet on a monthly basis at a special farm lady’s house to inspire one another and advance our skills in felting.  It is so much fun!   Here is a sample of some of my projects…

Felted polar bear

Felted Mother Earth doll

I’m not going to include any of the kids projects in this post.  Instead I would like to do one focusing soley on their creations.   Big C has created a beautiful mermaid and a mushroom but I haven’t taken photos of her stuff  yet.

Little C's head in my basket of wool

The coolest wool for making hair from the farm lady's very own sheep

This last photo is our nature table which got completely out of control because I let the girls basically take over!  That’s ok we’ll clean it up and get it ready for the change in seasons…

The "autumnal" nature table

On a different note.  I cannot contain the amount of sorrow that I’m feeling today.  I’m sending out positive energies into the Universe for everyone suffering from one form of cancer or another.  Namaste

Soap-making and Fun With Rubber Chickens


Surprise buttons!

This past rainy weekend was spent mainly indoors.  The girls had this great idea that they wanted to make soap.  Actually they wanted to make soap from soap and as Big C pointed out it is kinda cheating.  But it’s a starting point.  I know there is a lot to making soap and I’d like to eventually take a soap-making course through Hazelwood Herb Farms with my neighbour sometime.  The kids did this form of soap-making at farm hands so we thought we’d give it a try…

Busy hands putting soap in muffin tin molds

Little C and Big C spent a fair bit of time shredding two types of soap and then mixing it all together with a smidge of water.  I think the biggest thrill for them was to bury surprise buttons in the soap!  Reminds me of the Little Rascals’ surprise birthday cake.  The soaps in the mold form then went in the freezer for an hour and they are still hardening on the cookie tray as we speak.

They actually look like yummy cupcakes

Freshly made soap was soft to Little C's pokey touch

Ah this is where the afternoon got really interesting.  We were at the Dollar Store earlier in the day and the kids begged me to get them each a rubber chicken.  Why I’m not exactly sure.  It could be that we know so many people with chickens at the moment that it just seemed right.  The girls played all afternoon with these crazy birds and they even took them into the tub to play!

Big C's rubber chic

Little C decided she wanted to cook her chicken up for dinner!  She wrapped hers in wax paper and away she went with a toy frying pan and utensils.  I think this is a sign of things to come! (perhaps getting chickens that is!)

Little C cooking up her chicken

Caitlin’s Spotlight

Caitlin insisted I take photos of her showing her latest creations.  Plus I think she’s been feeling that Chloe has been in the spotlight a little more because of  her birthday.  Caitlin can sure be nutty when it comes to her poses.


OK then...


Caitlin's impression of Niagara Falls

And finally a very cool mask that Caitlin made at her kindercare program


C's colourful mask