The Tar Sands In Alberta…

I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Bill McKibben, founder of and advocate on Climate Change, speak with the Council of Canadians at a conference held in town here.  Today his facebook page posted this article

Well I am no longer feeling brave about posting such topics on facebook these days.I feel like I’m being loud and outspoken, particularly since I have a few “facebook friends” who either work at the tar sands or have a spouse/relative that does. Bill McKibben’s message is loud and clear – climate change is here and it’s happening quickly.  He pointed to the extreme weather occurance of Frankenstorm Sandy and how climate change  is directly resonsible.  The dirty pollution from the tar sands is adding to the ever increasing carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.  Depressing really.

It’s time for me to start reading more about this topic.  A topic that quite frankly I’ve been avoiding until now particularly since tars sands could directly impact my local environment thanks to the threat of the Endbridge Pipeline by our Federal government.  I picked up a copy of Bill McKibben’s book Eaarth…wish me luck


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