The Lone Runner…

Yep that’s me.  I found myself out today for a run in the afternoon as it was my day off.  It was very windy outside and for me that’s been excuse enough not to run lately.  So I continued on only to find myself gravitating to my favourite place to run in my neighbourhood….a beautiful wooded green space protected by the NALT…I’ll refer to it as LV.   At least in the park I would be sheltered from the wind…that’s what I was thinking.  This park is definitely one of the more elusive parks in town…sometimes you can go in and not see a soul. 

 Today I counted….7 men, 1 woman, 2 babies carried on  2 of the aforementioned men and 6 dogs (offleash ofcourse).  One man had a long walking stick.  Yes I will admit my senses definitely heighten when I’m in park and I make these sorts of observations…I didn’t see any of these people until I was ready to leave park.  So this happens to me every time I go in…I feel confident and brave initially but by the time I am really in the heart of the forest surrounded by the beautiful trees and ferns and moss…I hit the panic button…I start to wonder if that male cougar (Linley is know for him)  is watching me from  the thick of the forest…or will the man I encounter on the trail be friendly?  As crazy as it sounds, this is the fear I typically have when I am alone in this  isolated albeit beautiful  area. 

 So why do I do this to myself?  Why do I put myself in this situation??  Well I guess why wouldn’t I…I love to be in the woods and run on the hilly trails…should I live in fear this way??  It’s up for debate.  Until then I will think of better ways to protect myself…someone suggested I get dog spray and carry it in my hand…that sounds like a good idea.  We shall see…maybe the next time I go for a run in the woods I’ll have found myself the perfect running partner …


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