Spring Is Slowly Springing…

We have had some unprecedented weather both here on Vancouver Island and basically across the country…what’s happened to spring this year??  Mother Nature seems a bit confused.   Having said that, I spent a good part of the afternoon in the backyard cleaning up the garden and cutting out the blackberry canes.  Nasty things.  The sky was all beautiful and blue but there was still a good chill in the wind.  I’m still really excited for spring though…I love the sounds of the birds in the yard and the sights of bees in the spring flowers.  And I am very excited for some plans I have for the garden.  I have a new book that has been a great source of inpiration for me…I picked up a copy of  “Your Farm In the City” by Lisa Taylor, while I was in Seattle.  She is a local author there and part of a great group called Seattle Tilth.  Anyway Brian and I have a plan for something that the girls are really going to love…stay tuned!!


magnolia blossoms

I felt so sorry for the blossoms on our magnolia tree the other morning…I went out for a run at 6:30am and there was frost on the roofs and ground and the poor blossoms were frozen like little ice cubes….they seems ok now and will hopefully open up in the next few days.               

the girls enjoying their time in the fresh air and sun



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