Plasticine Takes the Place of Playdough…yay!!

Let me begin by saying I am not a huge fan of Playdough.  The girls have been playing with it for many many years.  The problem I find is that it dries out so quickly, Little C loves to eat it and I was replacing it constantly.   The amount of waste and plastic containers would drive me crazy.  I know I could have very easily made playdough – I just never did!  I was too busy baking things to eat instead.  The exciting news is that the girls each received a plasticine kit for Christmas with many beautiful colours.  Their hands now seem strong enough to soften the clay and shape it into their desired forms.  This wasn’t possible before.  This past wet weekend was spent making some fun creations…

Big C in the process of creating... owl mask

It was so neat to watch the process of creation taking place before my very eyes!  Big C wanted to please me by making an owl which is her mama’s favourite creature and Little C wanted to present me with a flower!  How sweet…

A flower for me!

close up



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