Buddha’s Hand

Well I think we are finally back into our normal routine post-Christmas.  Unfortunately we all seem to have the stomach flu at the moment so things have been interesting around here.  The girls have been enjoying quiet down time navel gazing so to speak…

just navel gazing

Mexican bobble heads

The other day, big C and I went to a nice grocery store in town here and we found the most interesting piece of exotic fruit – it’s call “Buddha’s hand”.  What attracted me to this piece of fruit was it’s unusual finger-like extensions and its  citrus-like scent.  It reminded me of the smell of the beautiful orange groves in Florida that I had the priviledge of experiencing as a child.  I always remember my mom commenting on how much she loved that smell.  Here’s what the Buddha’s hand looks like…

Buddha's hand

a view from underneath

Big C was very keen to get on the computer and read all about the Buddha’s hand.  We were very curious if there was enough flesh to eat really.  So Big C learned that it is a fragrant citron whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections; it is juiceless and is very fragrant; it is predominantly used by Chinese and Japanese for perfuming rooms and clothing;  Big C obtained this information from Wikipedia ofcourse!  We look forward to going back to Thrifty’s to find some more exotic fruit!


3 thoughts on “Buddha’s Hand

  1. It may have a lovely citrus fragrant but I have to say it is pretty scary! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

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