Sunday Afternoon Collecting Rocks

We had a lovely few days of Christmas spent mainly indoors.  The evenings have been very crisp and cool and we’ve been waking up to a frosty roof and ground.  But it has definitely been a green Christmas.  Today was the perfect day to climb into the van and go to the beach to collect one of our favourite local rocks – CLAY CONCRETIONS!  I cannot disclose the exact location of the source of these rocks as I have been sworn to secrecy.  They can only be found in two areas – our secret location on the east side of Vancouver Island and somewhere on Texada Island located in the Georgia Straight.  To my knowledge, these neat rocks cannot be found anywhere else!!  That`s what makes them so special.

Rock collecting in action!

Clay concretion round and beautiful and so easy to spot!

The majority of clay concretions that we find are typically round and smooth or some can be shaped like barbells or footprints.  The secret beach that we were on today has huge cliff walls made of clay were these beauties morph from…

Base of clay embankment where concretions evolve

We had a great afternoon of walking on the beach and enjoying each other`s company while collecting rocks! 

Big C resting on some drift wood

Little C posing

Self portrait

Some amazing drift wood

The girls fell asleep early this evening probably because of all the fresh air.  We will be sure to post some close up photos of our clay concretions once we wash them up and take a careful look at what we found.  This upcoming New Year’s week, the girls and I look forward to doing some of the projects we did not get done before Christmas.  We’re going to make dream pillows filled with lavender and organic candy canes (the girls decided ‘wands’) for our New Year’s celebration.  I love this last photo as you can see the Whistler or Blackcomb Mountains across the Georgia Straight.  The clouds make for an interesting effect…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”  – Mahatma Gandhi


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