Clay Concretions

Clay Concretions

The girls and I have sorted through our latest treasures and we’ve determined that our concretions fall into one of three catergories:  round, oval and oblong/irregular!  What we’re going to do with our massive collection of rock is yet to be determined.  Perhaps build a stone wall??

Round ones

Oval ones

Irregular ones

Big C wins the prize for finding the biggest round concretion that I have ever seen!  Little C found a neat little one that looked like the sole of a foot but we seem to have lost it.

Hockey puck sized

And the latest addition to my book collection is my fav Lloyd Kahn and his book “Home Work”.  It is another very inspiring book!  He would approve of these rocks for building something of a shelter.

Lloyd Kahn's second book titled "Home Work"


2 thoughts on “Clay Concretions

  1. Where did you gals find these!!? I recently found a bunch on lake Champlain and did some research so far from an article I read these concretions are 25+ million years old! usually found in glacier formed lakes or bodies of water! and are hard to find these days! look up boji stones i believe they’re the same thing 🙂

    • Hi Christy
      thank you for your comment. We live on Vancouver Island and there is a beach with a big steep cliff leading down to the ocean. The concretions come out of the clay beds in the walls of the cliff we have tons of them! I’d love to see what yours look like! Im nit really on my blog anymore but rather Instagram – do you have an account? I could even send you some if you’re interested :)) Leanne oh on Instagram my account: Leanna1969

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