A Visit With Santa and the Girls’ Afternoon Apart

 After our second night of 12 hours of sleep, my girls were very excited about visiting Santa on this Sunday morning.  Quite the opposite to how they were feeling the other day.  Here’s a look at how things went…

Santa photo - ho ho ho

Then I decided to take some photos of the girls on the beach just because it was a relatively clear day and I’ve been wanting to do this for some time.  I didn’t  want to get the traditional Christmas photos this year.  Unfortunatley this wasn’t the beach I had hoped to take their photos but we had fun nonetheless…

West Coast girls

Well the day got rather interesting after what might appear like a functional family going about their Christmas activities.  Once we returned home, the girls wouldn’t stop fighting which seems to happen at a regular rate these days  and I kept snapping and I couldn’t focus on a damn thing.  So I went out for a much needed run in the cold.  And what a wonderful run it was – I experienced that so-called “mindfulness” people talk about.  Just me and my thoughts.  What a treat.  I’ve officially started training for the Comox Valley 1/2 marathon slated for March 22nd 2010!  Anyway when I returned from my run, Big C was chomping at the bit to go play with her friend up the road.  I think she and Little C have spent far too much time together so the timing was great.  Ofcourse when I asked Little C what she would like to do, her response was “make banana bread”.  So I’m going to include our usual Vegan recipe that comes out well time and time again and makes a smaller batch perfect for a family of four…

I have no idea where this recipe came from – perhaps the internet or my mother in law.  There are few ingrediants and they are simple.  I’m just not sure about the canola oil thing anymore.  So I would substitute for safflower or vegan magarine next time.  I’ve jsut read that canola oil is one of the worst oils to use!  Anyway here’s Little C doing what she loves the most…baking!

Little C making Vegan banana bread

We also added a sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon on top to make it taste extra yummy…

Banana bread heading into the oven

Whilst the banana bread was baking in the oven, Little C and I decided to make some applesauce with the bag of bruised organic apples that I bought.  We simply peeled and cut the apples into small chunks, added maybe 1/4 cup of water, a titch of brown sugar and cinnamon and mashed everything together over medium heat on the stovetop.   The combo of the banana bread and warm applesauce made for nice dessert tonight

Delicious organic applesauce


2 thoughts on “A Visit With Santa and the Girls’ Afternoon Apart

  1. Very cute pics of the girls with Santa. Also nice one at the beach. Your amaryllis is truly out of control. Love the pics of little C baking–let’s hope her love continues.

  2. Hello Little C,

    Glad to see you are still keen on working away in the kitchen. You will have to make us some banana bread next summer when you visit!! When do we get to see your felting creations??

    Little Auntie L

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