Early Christmas Celebration

Today is my sister’s last full day with us here on the Cold Coast.  The end of such family visits can be so bitter sweet.  We’ve had such a nice visit with Auntie Laura and with Christmas only 2 weeks away there is a lot of excitement in our household!  We did many interesting things on this day including some last minute shopping at the big mall, a failed attempt to visit with Santa (although my kids loath the thought of visiting Santa, we thought it would be a fun photo op), Big C’s piano recital at home to family over skype, Chinese food dinner (and a bottle of  wine which might explain my typing errors) and a nice exchange of Christmas pressies.  And the most exciting thing for me is my new laptop which I am very proud of for some reason.  Thanks to my generous parents for their proceeds from my big 40th birthday!! I’m still trying to get used to the built in mouse – I just caught myself reaching out for the mouse with my right hand!  Ha it’s like learning a new fine motor skill which I’m not entirely thrilled about but I know I’ll adapt – I’m an OT for the love of Buddha.  Alright here are some photos which really seem like hodge podge to me but nonetheless…

Auntie Laura and the groovy girls and my new laptop!

Big C playing her piano

Our gingerbread house - a favourite Christmas tradition

I forgot to mention that we also assembled our store bought gingerbread house today.  The girls and I have been doing this for the last couple of years and we really enjoy it.   However, after seeing a gingerbread barn in the most recent issue o Mary Janes Farm – the Everyday Organic Lifestyle magazine, I swear I’m going to make it from scratch next year.  I also saw a great recipe for Organic Candy Canes in the very same issue!  And my sis got me a Silpat Mat for Christmas which is great for making candy and baking.  So many great ideas so little time I’m afraid.

The end product - the groovy girls were pretty pleased

A nice exchange of Christmas pressies

Some sensory exploration of each others' vests

Some sugary sweets to eat!

One of my favourite Christmas cakes is Yule Log for some reason.  We picked one up today from one of our local bakeriers – I believe it is a German bakery – this is another food item that I need to learn how to make! 

Yummy Yule Log

 Lastly, I must insert a picture of the Amaryllis bulb that Little C and I planted.  Well is has shot up at least 12 inches in the last week – it’s freaking me out a bit – I swear it’ll touch the ceiling before it blooms.  Here’s a look at the silly thing…

Out of control Amaryllis

Well thanks big sis for such a nice visit.  The girls have really loved having you at our place.  And Chirstmas is exactly 2 weeks away.  Merry Early Christmas!!


2 thoughts on “Early Christmas Celebration

  1. Bonjour I was thinking of you and thought of cource check your blog!! In the same town but so little time! So sad to see your sisters visit has gone so quickly!!! I can’t believe your amayllis! ours is still stubby. My dd wants to play her violin with big C playing her piano! Hope to connect soon!

  2. Hey R – tell me about it! We will defiinitely connect – I was hoping to come by farm school with little C tomorrow around noon but forgot Big B has chemo. Will give you a shout

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