VI Tourists

Nothing coud be more touristy than coming to Vancouver Island and visiting Coombs Country Market.  Yahoo.   I love this market for its interesting assortment of imported foods, yummy baked goods and bread section and ofcourse the wooden toy area.  This is what we were up to yesterday…

Combs off season - just my kids in the foreground

Rub the Buddha's belly and make a wish!

A lovely display of wooden owls

The most troll dolls I have ever seen in a single display - scarey!

It was so cold on this day you could actually see a few icicles hanging on the windows.  We enjoyed a lovely snack from the bakery.  And we managed to find eggless/milkless blueberry bread for Big C which she thoroughly enjoyed – this doesn’t happen often on our outings.

note the icicles to the right of Big C's head

Sneaky Little C

That’s all.  Typical for the nutty west coast


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