Weekend in Vancouver and Auntie Laura

We left the “rock” this weekend to visit the big city of Vancouver and meet up with Auntie Laura!!  This was the first time either of the girls actually ventured  into the city aside from our yearly visits to YVR enroute to Ontario.  And what beautiful weather we had to boot.  We had a really nice weekend and we pretty much hit all of my favourite destinations including Granville Island and the Vancouver Aquarium.  More shopping would have been great but we had a difficult time with parking and the girls seemed to tire very easily.  Here’s a look…

A quick lunch at Granville Market whilst Brian searches for parking

Crazy kids in the market - note Caitlin's black eye

Just hanging out by the big propeller

The company and sunny blue skies made this little trip to Granville memorable.  Big B didn’t have the best of times due to the tight parking situation; apparently everyone from Vancouver goes to Granville on a Saturday afternoon!

We enjoyed several nice meals out.  It was pretty to head over to English Bay and walk along the busy streets to our dinner destination – Milestones.  I think everyone enjoyed their meal.

Big C trying her curly fry on for size

Little C outdoing her sis

Silly girls

I’m glad we forked out the cash to go to the Aquarium (72 dollars for 2 adults and 2 children please note!)  we had a terrific time and enjoyed viewing many beautiful creatures.  This visit is worth its own post and I’m tired from being a passenger both in our van and on BC Ferries!  Good night 🙂


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