On the First Day of Advent…

We are very excited about the fact that today is December the 1st!!   The lights are out and strung around the house and there are boxes everywhere.  It’s crazy. We’re madly trying to get the house all decked out.  Actually no.  We tend to take our time getting the house decorated by savouring each and everything that goes up.  Today our focus was getting our fancy Advent Calender organized by placing special treats in each drawer…take a look…

OUr reusable Advent Calender

Each drawer is a piece to the puzzle

This calender is great because we put our own treats in year after year.  The kids open the respective drawer, take out thier treat and flip the drawer around so the piece of the puzzle is exposed.   Big C is evens and Little C is odds.  It’s a fun tradion.

Big C at the Festival of Trees

 This weekend, we had the opportunity to hear Big C and her fellow choir mates sing Christmas carols at  the Festival of Trees at VIU.  What a nice way to start the Christmas season – they sang beautifully!!  We were so proud of her.

Amaryllus Update….

Amaryllus plant at 2 weeks

 I think this plant is growing quite rapidly.  At 2 weeks, it appears to be where the plant should be at at 4 -6 weeks.  Little C has been tending to it very well.


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