Blue Skies Please…

Ah the grey and rainy days of November have not been enjoyable this year on VI.  I guess it’s making up for the beautiful summer we had  here where I cannot even recall it raining (although we spent a month of our summer in Ontario where it rained and rained also!).  Anyway I was looking at photos I took back on October where the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue.  And ofcourse the girls were in the Japense Maple climbing and swinging and having such an enjoyable and carefree day…

Big C a.k.a. master tree climber

Just hanging and posing

What’s funny is Big C is such a good tree climber and we have so many nice trees to climb at our place that she has taught many of the kids on our block how to climb!  Her little sister is doing pretty well herself…

Little C in the tree


Getting ready for take off...

Crash landing!

It was a beautiful day!

Little C admiring her pumpkin


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