Big Comfie Couch and Etchings

Was it ever a relief to have this new couch in my kids’ playroom this weekend.  Little C started to feel unwell with a sore tummy and burning fever on Sunday.  It was so important that she stayed away from big B the entire time she was sick – he cannot get a fever!  Once I realized she was unwell, I immediately put her in the play room and let her rest on the couch.  It also made me realize I was alone in the care of my sick child due to the potential risk to big B which was both stressful and tiring to me.  Anyway here is a cute shot of the girls on the big comfie couch (for those of you back East who have been wanting to see)  It’s very child proof for it’s dark colour and easy to clean material.  And it was MADE IN CANADA – I purchased it at the Bay…

Made in Canda couch!

I”m loving this space with the girls because the lighting is nice for reading or just sitting and talking in the evening.  And the last few days have been very dark and dreary.  The colourful lights around the adjacent window also perk it up a bit.

I’m also scheming to frame some cute cards that I have set aside over the years that I know the kids will love to look at.  Recently I purchased an etching from an artist in Port Alberni.  She gave me permission to write about her in my blog – her name is Janice Sheehan and I happened to chance upon her adorable gallery at the waterfront.  Sometimes my work takes me to this community and I’m discovering there are a number of talented artists including Janice and many potters etc.  I had to buy this etching at once because it reminded me of my daughters…

"Rock Beach" by Janice Sheehan

The girls  are infamous for their rockcollecting!  My house is living proof.  Anyway Janice’s website is – she nicely explains the process that is involved in making her beautiful etchings and the inspiration behind many of them – the West Coast of the island ofcourse (she will also mail you her etchings if you cannot make it to Port to buy them in person!)

I also just love these little cards with Fairies and Toadstools on them…

fairies and toadstools

Just some hodge podge from the playroom…

Little C managed to find the energy today to start decorating the house for Christmas.  She found these German wooden Santas in the closet…



2 thoughts on “Big Comfie Couch and Etchings

  1. Hey girls,

    Wow – the new comfy couch looks great! Glad to see that you’ve got all of the wooden santas out too! Nice work arranging them, Little C!!

    Little Auntie L

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