Waldorf Christmas Craft Faire

Today we drove down to the Duncan area (not flooded at all where we went compared to Cowichan Bay) to the Sunrise Waldorf Christmas Faire.  Wow what a great yearly venue!  The whole Waldorf school was open to visitors free of charge to partake in sampling baked goods and delicious vegetarian food items; to listen to all sorts of musicians playing violins and various drums;  and best of all was the large gymnasium full of local professional artists displaying their amazing goods…

Hand-crafted gnomes looking rather cheeky

Big C was drawn to the tie dye right away

Mama and her baby

 I managed to stock up on some wool in beautiful colours…

Beautiful colourful wool

Enchanted garden gnomes and colourful silk scarves

They had many activities and crafts for the kids to participate in for a few dollars.  The girls experienced an enchanted garden where a Waldorf verse was read aloud about harvesting food and then the kids could choose a gnome and crystal to take home.  It was beautifully set up in a dark room with strings of lights and canopies strung everywhere and tables with little gnomes harvesting food.  Very enchanting indeed.  The girls also fell in love with these dyed scarves which they can creatively drape around furniture or even on their wee bodies – they cannot have them til Christmas though!

A nice window

All and all we had an enjoyable day out.  Ofcourse it rained all the way home!


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