Felted Projects

FELTING has to be one of our favourite crafting hobbies at the moment.   My interest in felting began about 8 years ago when I found a great starter kit from Salt Spring Island.  In fact, Big C was a tiny baby when I completed it and she has it stashed away in her bedroom somewhere.  I also have a fascination with anything Waldorf.  I love the philosophy behind this educational approach and it’s close ties with child psychology and child development (stemming back to my undergrad years in psychology which I so fondly remember 🙂 ).   We also share our passion for felting with many of our close friends (both homeschoolers and nonhomeschoolers) and in fact we meet on a monthly basis at a special farm lady’s house to inspire one another and advance our skills in felting.  It is so much fun!   Here is a sample of some of my projects…

Felted polar bear

Felted Mother Earth doll

I’m not going to include any of the kids projects in this post.  Instead I would like to do one focusing soley on their creations.   Big C has created a beautiful mermaid and a mushroom but I haven’t taken photos of her stuff  yet.

Little C's head in my basket of wool

The coolest wool for making hair from the farm lady's very own sheep

This last photo is our nature table which got completely out of control because I let the girls basically take over!  That’s ok we’ll clean it up and get it ready for the change in seasons…

The "autumnal" nature table

On a different note.  I cannot contain the amount of sorrow that I’m feeling today.  I’m sending out positive energies into the Universe for everyone suffering from one form of cancer or another.  Namaste


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