Planting: Part I

Today, Little C and I purchased an Amaryllis bulb from the grocery store.  I thought it would be neat to grow one and see if it blooms by Christmas time.  Little C was pretty keen to participate in its preparation but it was certainly an exercise in patience…


Amaryllis kit contains bulb, coir disk and planter


Setting up the coir disk

The first step was to add 4 cups of warm water into the planter and then insert the coir disk.  This essentially soaks up all of the water and voila you have soil.  The only problem was it took 1/2 hour for it to do so.   Little C did pretty good waiting and I think it’s good for this “instant generation” to learn the concept of delayed gratification!


Little C trying to make the disc soak up water faster!


Baseline for our bulb

Once the disc soaked up the water, we planted the bulb in the ever so boring container.  I think we’ll have to decorate it with a Christmas theme.  I imagine the girls and I will enjoy monitoring its progress over the weeks.

Last but certainly not least, Little C wanted to draw a picture similar to one she did in kindergarten for Remembrance Day.  Apparetntly the red bird with grey wings is a peace dove and there are hearts and poppies. 


Remembrance Day picture

Looks like there may be sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully the girls and I will go outside for some outdoor planting.  Stay tuned!


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