Happy Halloween 2009!!


Flower Power!

I’m excited to have my new photos downloaded and ready to post.  I’m also realizing that this whole blogging thing takes up a lot of time and I have to accept that I can only update my blog on the weekends.  There’s just way too much on the go right now.

As for Halloween, the girls and I had a blast.  The evening was clear and relatively mild for going out and collecting treats.  I did notice that there were very few children out this year compared to previous years.  I guess everyone was downtown celebrating the passing of the Olympic torch through our town.  The irony of it all is that the torch literally passed through our neighbourhood and my kids were so focused on Halloween that it didn’t even phase them.  Chloe loves the Olympics.

Anyway so for Halloween this year, Chloe evolved into a Hippie/Flower Child and Caitlin was a witch. 


Scary Witch!

The day after Halloween, we drove out to the country to view the pumpkins through Shady Mile that are USUALLY on display along the road.  I was saddened to see that very few people had dropped their pumpkins off.  Perhaps all the recent development in this area, including the cutting down of a lot of trees that line this road, has detered people from continuing this tradition.

There were a few pumpkins out on display…


Sunny Pumpkins

And a couple more…


The Line Up

Overall I would have to say that Chloe and Caitlin truly enjoyed Halloween this year!


Bye for now!!


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