Happy Birthday Chloe!

We celebrated Chloe’s 8th birthday last week.  I remember the day that Chloe was born very clearly.  She was such a sweet baby!  And not much has changed.  I love that Chloe is growing up to be such an easygoing and caring person.  She is extremely creative and loves to draw and do crafts.   Here are some photos of Chloe on her special day…


Happy Birthday Chloe!

Chloe got a Liv doll which has all kinds of neat wigs and hair things.  Thanks to everyone for all of the beautiful pressies!


Chloe with her new dragonfly earrings


Goofy Chloe

Happy Birthday Chloe


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chloe!

  1. Dear Chloe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I can’t believe how fast you have grown-up. I remember when you were first born! Love the new dragonfly earrings!! We are lucky to have such a kind and creative friend in our lives. BIG HUGs

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